08 Oct 2020

Has someone ever told you that you’re unapproachable? Or do you ever feel like when you go out somewhere, you’re the last person people come up to? Well, let’s have a conversation about how you can be and look more approachable.

Use this one powerful tip to help you feel more comfortable, be more open and inviting, and create the atmosphere around you that will draw people to you and increase your social interactions.

Smile Often

If you’re not a smiler you need to become one. For some people smiling comes naturally and for some it doesn’t. Smiling can put anyone at ease and makes you look approachable.

People around you will notice your smile and think that you’re friendly, pleasant and open to conversation.

Studies show that smiling helps to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and your heart rate, which would put you at ease in social situations.

Here’s an exercise for you to build your approachability factor:

For the next 48 hours, greet everyone you see with a smile.  What you’ll experience is that people will respond with a smile to match yours, you’ll be perceived as pleasant and you’ll generally feel better.

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