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This Body Language Expert’s Triangle Method Will Help You Catch a Liar in the Act

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Holiday Party Ideas and Must-Haves

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Mansplaining is rude, belittling and not going away. Here’s how to shut it down

What Really Makes The Difference In Women’s Leadership Programs. Plus, How To Say ‘No’ To Extra Work

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Device Addiction: Communication Coach Karen Donaldson on Recognizing It, Dealing With It

“Stop Apologizing For Our Voice:” Karen Donaldson on the Pitfalls of Overabundant Apologies

Communication Expert and Confidence Coach Karen Donaldson Breaks why friends are fading in the U.S.

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Getting in the Zone to Boost Confidence

The Golden Years Can Feel Like the Invisible years

How To Overcome Feelings of Insecurity

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A Body Language Expert Explains Why This Flirting Technique Will Drive Your Crush Wild

Body Language Expert Observes Prince Harry Is ‘Uneasy’ Around Prince William, Breaking the Idea They Were Once ‘Uniquely Bonded’

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Body language : ces gestes révélateurs d’une personnalité de type pervers narcissique

Body language : ce que votre façon de vous asseoir dit de vous

This Seduction Technique Can Drive Your Crush Crazy

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What Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Body Language Says About Their Relationship

What Dua Lipa And Romain Gavras’ Body Language Says About Their Relationship

The Way Travis Cups Taylor’s Hand On Their Date Night Is *Very* Telling

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Body Language Speaks Volumes


5 Things People Do With Their Mouth That Mean They’re Lying, Experts Say

Eminetra Canada
Use The Triangle Method To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You



The Inspiration Place
Confidence Philosophy with Karen Donaldson

Confident Creators
How To Build Confidence And Stop Procrastination With Karen Donaldson

52 Weeks of Hope
Clear Confidence with Karen Donaldson

The Midlife Whisperer
Secrets to Being Happy and Confident at Midlife

Why You Shouldn’t Let Fear of Judgement Hold You Back

Karen Donaldson is a certified confidence coach and senior executive public speaking coach. She joins our “Help Me Find My Voice” episode with key tips for owning your voice and increasing your impact.

Karen on Breakfast Television Toronto

Segment: Virtual Dating Tips 

Body language, communications and conference coach, Karen Donaldson joins us to help us decode facial expressions and body language when looking for love. Karen Donaldson joins us to help us decode facial expressions and body language when looking for love


Karen on Breakfast Television Toronto

Segment: How to practice proper virtual office etiquette

With the advent of COVID-19, the office space has changed for thousands of workers, and for the majority of people, working from home “virtually” is a brand new experience. Communications and Body Language Coach Karen Donaldson joins us this morning with her virtual rules of engagement.


Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s Body Language Proves They Can’t Contain Their Love. All those kisses on IG aren’t just for show.
August 15, 2020

What Ana de Armas And Ben Affleck’s Body Language Says About Their Relationship. There’s a lot more to those iced-coffee runs than you think.
August , 2020

What Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s Body Language Says About Their Marriage. Chris, why is your hand always in your pocket?
July 11, 2020

Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend, Michael Polanksy, Is Always Standing Behind Her And That’s A BFD. An expert unpacks their body language.
June 27, 2020

Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Body Language Proves Why They’re Going To Last. Spoiler: all that neck nuzzling is a biggie.
May 31, 2020

What Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson’s Body Language Says About Their Relationship. Why are they walking so far apart?
May 29, 2020

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren’s Body Language Says Their Marriage Is Legit. They were never even planning to tie the knot.
April 21, 2020

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks’ Body Language Proves They’re Just As Into Each Other As Ever. They’ve got this marriage thing down.
April 2, 2020

Jessie J and Channing Tatum
Women’s Health March 19, 2020

Jennifer and brad Pitt
Women’s Health Feb 9, 2020

Justin and Hailey
Women’s Health Jan 24/2020

Kelly and Mark’s body language
Women’s Health Jan. 17/20

Ayesha And Steph Curry’s Body Language Has Been Going Strong Since They Were Teens
Women’s Health Dec 27, 2019


10 Body-Language Signs to Brush Up on Before Your Next Zoom Date
Raised eyebrows = they like you like you.
May 19, 2020

October 2019 issue Cosmopolitan Magazine
The way you put your bra seriously says so much about you
Page 22

July issue Cosmopolitan Magazine
“What the Way You Hold Your Iced Coffee Says About You”
Page 8

November 1,2019 Cosmopolitan Magazine Online
A Body-Language Expert Goes In on These Celeb Couples’ 2019 Halloween Costumes

December 2019 Issue
What your FaceTime body language says about you
page 32

Meghan and Harry
Bustle Magazine March 2020


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How Customer Delight Will Keep Them Coming Back


March 4
“Gratitude can indeed improve our overall mental wellness, and the good news is that we can be intentional about it.”

CTV National News: Analyzing President Trumps Body Language during his United Nation address. September 2018

CTV National News: Work Part Do’s and Don’ts. December 2018

Post City: Toronto’s Dating Scene.  March 2019

Huffington Post: Toxic Thoughts to let go of. March 2019

Dr. Vibe Show: Tips to be More Confident When you Speak. February 2019

Canadian Jeweller Magazine: Never Network Again, The Art of Un-networking. November 2018

G98.7 Steps After Dark with Kerry-Lee Crawford: Communication Between the Sexes
February 2019

Sex with Dr. Jess Show: Communication Between the Sexes

Azeeza for Women
January 2019

Women Entrepreneur Radio: Powerful Communication for Female Entrepreneurs
March 2019

RBC Women of Influence 2018 Nominee
Recipient of the 100 Black Women to Watch 2015 by CIBWE
Aroni Image Award 2014

To showcase Karen’s longevity in the marketplace below is a collection of guest posts & interviews dating back from 2013.

  • Dimensions Magazine Spring 2015
  • The Mogul Mom. “The Habit You Need If You Want To Succeed”.
  • The Lee Avent Radio Show.  January 2015
  • Women On Business. “Reach Your Next Level of Success.” December 2015
  • Ebony Magazine. Your Honey’s and Your Health: Communicating Medical Concerns With Your Mate. October 2013 issue
  • Ebony Magazine.”Cease Fire In The Chore Wars”. September 2013 issue 
  • The Business Coach for Moms interview with Teisha (Lady T) Shelby-Houston.
  • Virtual conference webcast “YOUR TEAM YOUR COMMUNITY: Create and Sustain High-Performance Teams” on 
  • Successful Business Owners have Mission Statements. Where’s Yours? – guest contributor for REM, Canada’s premier business publication for the real estate industry. click here
  • 4 Ways to get the “F Word” Out of your Vocab 
  • End PROCRASTINATION NOW with these 3 tips – guest post on the
  • 4 Killer Tips for Building Effective Teams – article on
  • Moving from Mediocre to Magnificent – article on

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