“I have been speaking publicly for many years but there were areas that I needed to improve on and the growth that I have made is remarkable. One of the most important things that people should know about working with Karen Donaldson is that she will push you in areas of excellence and not take your excuses. She is positive but firm and you need to be prepared to work, change, and grow.”
Senator – Ontario

Karen provides private communication coaching for senior leaders, politicians, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

In addition, she offers team training for executive teams, MLM teams and sales teams.


Public speaking coaching is for you if:

  • You are a busy executive and your time is valuable and limited.
  • You have an urgent need to improve your presentation skills.
  • You are a good presenter but want to refine your skills to be great.
  • You deliver high value or high profile presentations.
  • You want to improve the impact of your messages and better connect, engage and inspire no matter who the audience or what the topic.
  • You have a career defining or dependent presentation to deliver.
    Public speaking coaching with Karen will show you how to:
  • Identify and use your natural speaking strengths to authentically address any audience or client.
  • Connect with your audience within the 1st 60 seconds no matter what your topic.
  • Discover the critical steps required to create, clear, concise, impactful and engaging content and presentations in less time.
  • Exponentially improve your capacity to connect with any audience and get them interested, influenced and inspired by your message.
  • Learn and use body language cues to increase your presence and impact as a communicator in any business or presentation setting
  • Develop your own speaking mantra, style and deliver your speech with greater stage presence.
  • Pick up time-tested techniques that will help you confidently speak off the cuff, in any situation and with any crowd (including managing hecklers, naysayers and angry audiences)
  • Be remembered by your audience for all the right reasons.

Coaching Program Options

Naturally Confident Speaker Coaching Program

Ideal for:
This program is for the professional who is ready to do what it takes to show up and strengthen their communication when speaking in all settings. Whether it be in the board room, for sales, at a team meeting or in front of thousands. The coaching program is customized based on client needs.

90 Day Program

All programs include 6o minute weekly one-on-one sessions with Karen, recordings of all session,

Investment: Please email us at karen@karendonaldsoninc.com for details


Ideal for:
The senior professional who is tight on time, needs to see results “now”, and is committed to working at a highly intense level. There is a half and full day VIP option available.

Investment: Please email us at karen@karendonaldsoninc.com for details

Words from Clients

“Karen’s ability to bring out the best in others in extraordinary! Our one-on-one work together has given me the edge in presenting myself in both individual, small group and keynote speaking environments. Karen’s experience at the front of the room and her ability to teach powerful communication skills has been key to my own professional success.”
Lynnette Rumble, Founder AIM Coaching

“Karen was dynamic, enthusiastic and inspiring and the most important thing that I learned was how to develop a powerful elevator pitch by focusing on connecting with people.”
Wendy Banting, President, Secural Datashred Inc.

“I LOVED that when you gave a tip I could put it into practice right there, I saw and felt the difference right away. Karen taught me the importance of and how to engage PEOPLE not only clients within the first 30 seconds.”
Janelle S, ING Direct Canada

“I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to improve their communication and public speaking! Karen offers practical tools, coaching and follow up.”
Rebecca Follows, Coaching Client