Karen Donaldson is an award winning Communication, Confidence, Body language Expert & Speaker.

As a 3 time best selling author, international keynote speaker, certified confidence coach, body language trainer and public speaking expert, Karen works with companies, non-profits and  other organizations who need to increase their communication effectiveness, better connect and increase their impact with teams, audiences and clients.

Karen shows audiences exactly how to enhance their presence and communication skills whenever they speak and in any setting (through verbal and non verbal techniques).

She also works with entrepreneurs to show them how to quickly grow and scale their business through speaking. She helps organizations equip their people so they can increase their sales through improved conversations that quickly build rapport and position you as the only choice. In the area of leadership, Karen empowers to show and lead, no matter what their role in the organization.

Karen engages her audience by delivering industry related, targeted examples, principles, stories, and theories throughout her custom tailored  keynotes and workshops.

Communication & Body Language Keynotes

SPEAK LIKE YOU BREATHE:  How To Be A Naturally Confident, Authentic Speaker And Increase Your Impact

In today’s economy it doesn’t matter who you are, the real question is; are you relatable? It’s about building trust through your communication. It’s about trusting yourself and building trust through your communication, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes. It’s no longer enough to be a good communicator, it is essential to be an authentic and effective communicator who knows how to CONNECT, ENGAGE and INSPIRE action.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Learn the difference between hearing and listening and how it directly impacts how they communicate & who you are as a leader
  • Learn how to strengthen their personal brand through their verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Increase their confidence and impact without appearing over powering
  • Learn how to be vulnerable, not appear weak, not lose their poise and gain respect


PERSUASION NO MORE! THE ART OF AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION: Connect, Engage, Influence & Inspire Action with Every Word

Persuading people is so archaic! People don’t want to be persuaded, they want to be inspired and empowered to choose, decide and take action. Karens unconventional philosophy about speaking publicly, will have attendees looking at the most important conversation that they must tackle and master… is the conversation with “themselves”.This keynote will show you exactly how to communicate in a way that connects, so you can become that people admire and want to follow.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Easily and quickly build allies through their communication
  • Better connect on an emotional level through the use of 10 positive influence techniques
  • Learn how to instantly build rapport with their listeners within in the first 60 seconds
  • Use powerful engagement techniques to inspire action.

Mastering Confident Body Language

When your physical presence is confident you make a powerful statement even before you utter a word. During this highly interactive presentation attendees will learn how to master their body language and read the body language of others. Karen will show attendees how to be mindful of their body and make intentional movements instead of leaving it all to subconscious gestures. Attendees will learn  what they need to stop doing (negative body language) and what to start doing (positive body language) and how to take control of their body language so they can become visible as a great leader.

Attendees will learn:

  • Open and closed body language cues that hinder and enhance their presence as a leader
  • How to easily read the hand and foot gestures of others, the two biggest indicators of what people are feeling at any given moment
  • 5 key body language gestures to easily build rapport with others


Keynotes for Entrepreneurial and Business Audiences

Speak to Success: Quickly Build Your Business Through Speaking
Speaking is the most underused, FREE marketing  tool for all businesses. Speaking when done correctly has the capacity to grow your business exponentially in a matter of months. In this keynote Karen shows attendees exactly how to leverage speaking to build their business, attract a steady stream of clients, build their community, and an additional revenue stream.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to leverage their expertise and deliver it as a presentation using Karen’s Signature Talk Blueprint
  • How to locate the right events to speak at
  • How to turn a non paid speaking engagement into revenue on the spot on in 5 days or less

Book Karen now to transform the way your people communicate 1 (416) 414-2082 or [email protected]

Personal Growth Keynote

Confidence Is Not An Emotion: The Formula to Creating A No Excuses Life
How you do and don’t respond is everything, too often the fear of the unknown keeps us from taking the action we know we need to take. In this keynote Karen’s shares the truth about confidence and how 90% of the population have it all wring. During this interactive presentation attendees will learn how to manage their scarcity mindset and take back control of what and how they think about themselves. It begins with acknowledging your current reality and truth about what to means to de confident, saying enough to habits and actions that have been getting you no-where and taking steps to re-wire your thoughts and your behaviour. Karen will share her No Excuses system to help attendees develop and commit to new habits that set them up for success.  This keynote is truly transformational.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to use neuroplasticity to rewire their brain and show up more powerfully in life
  • The truth about “feeling” confident
  • How to turn a non paid speaking engagement into revenue on the spot on in 5 days or less

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Words from Past Clients…

“Articulate, Engaging and Knowledgeable, three words that immediately come to mind after Karen’s presentation.”
Procter and Gamble Canada

“We are very lucky to have had Karen at the CSA South West Regional conference and the Presidents Retreat, she’s very engaging. our leaders came out with something to go home with and each keynote was tailored to each specific theme, we were so happy about that, I would really recommend her and we will be bringing her back to have her at the CSA for sure.”
Veronica Barahona, Communications Manager, College Student Alliance, Canada

“Karen shared great coaching tips and showed us how to use the 3 W’s to connect with people.  Her key note was energetic, engaging and authentic.”
Crave Conference, Melanie Benwell, Managing Director PathWorks Personnel Inc.

“Karen, thanks for such an outstanding session on business communications today!”
Enterprise Toronto, Dr. Phil Osagie, Global Strategist, Founder, JSP Canada Communications Corporation

“I LOVED that when you gave a tip I could put it into practice right there, I saw and felt the difference right away. Karen taught me the importance of and how to engage PEOPLE not only clients within the first 30 seconds.
Your session was very informative and helpful, thanks.

Janelle S, ING Canada

“Karen was a dynamic speaker who had women on their feet, chanting, making affirmations to themselves and encouraging other women to achieve their ultimate best.
She created an environment of sisterhood, support, and empowerment. She was a great asset to the event.”

Women of Influence Conference, Cathy Mwanza, Manager, Woman’s Place

” Karen is a brilliant speaker … I am very grateful for the opportunity to have heard her speak. Love the way she engages the audiences during her Talk tremendously rewarding……worth every cent”
John Oliverio, Pursuit of Greatness conference Attendee

If you are looking to offer your attendees a Dynamic, Experiential and Empowering Keynote filled with practical take aways, Book Karen for your next event!
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Partial Client List

Government of Ontario
Synergy DP
ING Direct Canada
Procter and Gamble Canada
AIM Coaching
Manulife Financial
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
The FSA Group
Sun Life Financial
Dream Maker Realty Inc. Brokerage
The Capital Lab
Send Out Cards
The Welcome Group
Business Enterprise Toronto
Faith Health Alliance
Partners in Prevention Health and Safety Conference
Toronto Family and Neighborhood Services
PathWorks Personnel Inc.
Secural Datashred Inc.

Education and Non Profit
Destiny Youth Conference
York Region District School Board Quest Conference
South West College Student Alliance Conference
CSA Presidents Retreat
Toronto District School Board
York Region District School Board
Cedabrae Collegiate Institute
Centennial College
Seneca College