Different is the New Norm: Be a Leader in your Own Right

Karen’s life was changed when she became pregnant her last year of high school and her world came crumbling down… until changed she her mindset, attitude and focus and picked up the pieces. Karen graduated receiving The Presidents Award (the schools most prestigious award) and numerous other awards, she then moved on to lead the community development initiative for Canada’s 1st ever social housing redevelopment project, is a serial entrepreneur, coaches politicians and Sr Executives across North America and Europe and is also a #1 Best Selling Author.

Karen shares with student how they can overcome adversity and persevere lead themselves to success and learn how to never ever give up. Karen will show them how amazing they truly are and the power they possess inside. She shows them how to develop the mindset and attitude to continually lead-themselves regardless of what goes on around them, love their unique differences and “acknowledge and own” their self worth and truly understand the words:  “WORDS


Simply Stated, Yes You Can: Moving from 80 – 100%

Self- empowerment, leadership and achievement are all about you.  This important Keynote introduces key insights about productivity and performance.  This keynote will help attendees tap deep into their psyche so they can address the unanswered question that has been holding them hostage, so they can unleash their unique capability into the world. They will learn the success principals to turn everyday individuals into extraordinary achievers. Karen will help attendees discover how simple it can be to move from where they are right now, create sustainable success, stay motivated and become a high performing achiever. It comes down to acknowledging and owning your power of choice

Attendees  will:

  • Learn to use their perspective and power of choice to fuel their inner drive for life and work
  • Learn the 3 things to stop doing NOW to really outperform at anything they do
  • Develop a mindset and attitude that helps them succeed in the midst of change
  • Learn how intention, action and adaptability create opportunity and how to use to their benefit




“Dear Karen, You have helped me become more comfortable
in my own skin. Thank you”
Promi B, Student

“Karen is an inspiring, dynamic and positive speaker. Her message was down-to-earth, simple,
but a powerful reminder on how to live your best life, each day.”

Laurel, Leadership Conference Participant

“Karen Donaldson’s presentation was truly amazing. The students and staff were 100% captivated, Karen’s talents and wisdom
proved very engaging as
students were active and empowered throughout the presentation.”
Jennifer Wiseman, Teacher, Scott Central

“Karen facilitated an EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE, her session was OUTSTANDING
and we will be having her back again to present.”

Dwayne Locke, Professor, Centennial College

“Thank you for doing such an amazing and inspiring presentation, all of the participants LOVED you
and GOT your easy to understand
approach about how to be a success everyday.”
Zara B, Coordinator, Agincourt Community Services Association

“It was your powerful presence and strong sense of purpose that enlightened our midst today.
Your time, words of wisdom, and certainly encouragement, were very much appreciated by the attendees, who are building
upon their leadership potential, along and your ideas have definitely added to their personal journey.”

Kirk Moss, Coordinator Boys to Men Program

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Karen Donaldson
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