08 Feb 2021

This year, Valentine’s Day 2021, will look quite different than Valentine’s day 2020.  While still being in the midst of a pandemic, for some, intimate dinners, face-to-face evening outs, larger gatherings, and special events are a thing of the past.  However, it does not mean that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day with your special someone virtually.


Here are two ideas for virtual Valentine’s dates.


Who: Couples

What To Do:

Cook a virtual meal together, then eat together online.  But allow the Valentine dates to start even before the actual day. Decide on a meal together; appetizer, main, and dessert, get the grocery shopping done (try and choose a recipe that neither of you has tried before…that’s more fun) and have everything lined up for your virtual date night. When the time comes, prep together and cook together, then when finished, set your virtual table to look like you are in front of each other, and enjoy your Valentines dinner with your favourite glass of wine or beverage of choice.

 It keeps the “fun” alive in your relationship and studies show that: “couples who eat together are more likely to report maximum happiness with their relationship”.


Who: Couples

What To Do: Get online together and take a virtual vacation

 If you had to cancel a vacation because of COVID, or are keen to plan your next vacay once local travel restrictions are lifted, you can make a date of it and walk through your favorite locations now.  Use the fabulous platform https://virtualvacation.us and choose from a selection of walking, driving or flying tours to locations such as Dubai, Shanghai, Mexico City, New York and more. Enjoy the views together now, why wait.


Valentine’s Day celebrations can still happen, they simply will look a little different this year. Either way, making and spending time with someone in person or virtually will indeed always bring you closer to each other.