08 Feb 2021

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to scoff at all the couple’s selfies that you see online. You too can enjoy Valentine’s day if you so choose.

Let’s get real, you don’t have to be coupled up with a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day. 

 Here’s are a few ways to enjoy VDay when you’re single.


Change your attitude.

If you expect to have a crappy day, it will be a crappy day. Set out to enjoy Valentine’s day while single and pull in a few single friends to do the same.


Throw a “you are my Valentine/ Galentines” LIVE OR VIRTUAL dinner party and invite all of your single friends over to your Galentines dinner party. Love is love any way you think about it.  Have them over and do a gift exchange as well, make sure to pull names beforehand so the gifts can be customized and thoughtful.  Just make a pact that there are no gift cards allowed.

Have a group Valentine’s date.

Love is love any way you think about it.  Throw a virtual “you are my Galentine’s/Valentine’s dinner party and invite all of your single girlfriends or friends.  Choose a theme and a dress code.  If the date is virtual even decorate your background to coincide with the virtual theme.

Here’s why it works; you won’t be alone and you can love on each other and dismiss the need or pressure to have a significant other


Have a Netflix flix binge with single friends, plan the date, time and menu.

You can watch a movie at the same time, you can even chat to each other and do the standard movie “ooohs, awwws and I can’t believe it comments” through the chat function that Netflix now has.  At the end of the movie, you can do a “share your favorite moment of the movie session” over Zoom, with a glass of your favorite wine or tea.


Plan your next Group vacation.

If you are keen to plan your next vacay once local travel restrictions are lifted, you can make a date of it and walk through your favorite locations now.  Use the fabulous platform https://virtualvacation.us and choose from a selection of walking, driving, or flying tours to locations such as Dubai, Shanghai, Mexico City, New York, and more. Enjoy the views together now, why wait.


In short, simply enjoy the day with people you care about