08 Feb 2021

Happiness is within your power, it’s those who decide to chase it and enjoy the process that lives the most fulfilled lives. We are what we repeatedly do, if you don’t do it, it won’t happen. Here are some habits to consider if true happiness is on your vision board.

 Habit #1

Work on your mental health, nothing matters more than this, if you are not working on improving your mental health happiness is kind of elusive. 

 Habit #2

Take your time to be grateful and journal it. Remember it. 

 Habit #3

Choose what’s important and who’s important to you, everything else, let it go. 

 Habit #4

Self-love and self-confidence, know yourself and your value, your standards, what you want, what you like. 

 Habit #5

Focus on the good things, but understand the bad parts and the lessons they can give you. 

 Habit #6

Surround yourself with happy people, whether you believe in energies or auras is your thing, but if negativity surrounds you it will affect you, same with happiness.

 Habit #7

Don’t let a label define you completely, it’s okay to have labels, but letting that label define, excludes the possibility for change, and change is necessary for us to become the best version of ourselves. 


These are all important habits you need to have in order to become happy. Your happiness is your responsibility and no one else’s. Make sure to these other important things such as;  giving back, having a creative outlet, and more importantly kindness. Life is all about the little things, learn to enjoy them.