08 Oct 2020

We all speak everyday, but what many don’t realize is that the way we use our voice can command attention or be a distraction.

Whenever you’re at a meeting, delivering a presentation or simply having a conversation and want to ensure that you’re heard, a great strategy is to monitor your tone.

Be mindful of what your tone sounds like as well as the impression it makes on the audience.

Here’s how to best use your voice to increase your impact and be heard:

You want to use a moderate to low tone.  When you have an intentional command over your words it represents the image of self-confidence, and implies competence and full knowledge on the subject.

Many times you speak a mile a minute because, you want to say a lot of things in as little time as possible.  You want ensure you don’t leave anything out. However when this happens, you struggle to fit in words upon words in a single breath, then you sound like you’re racing and unprepared.

Other times, you may tend to say things in an overly excited, high pitched tone.  (This used to be me all of the time)  Once again leaving you sounding unequipped.

Here’s what to do:

Whenever this happens, pause with grace (that means smile), take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and pick up from there.

The trick here is to always be calm in your interactions with other people so that you can carry and present yourself as a true leader.

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