23 Apr 2020


How to Show Up and Get Noticed at Work Events
You have a work event that’s coming up and you’ve decided to attend, and work events make you kind of uncomfortable.  Here are a few tips to take the discomfort out of networking with your colleagues and boss.

First, you have to decide if you’re going to just attend the event or attend and get noticed for the right reasons. Work events are prime time to set yourself up for a promotion and get the attention of decision-makers in a social, relaxed atmosphere.

Here are the tips:

Make Small Talk
If you’re not a big talker, you ask the questions – get people talking about themselves with open-ended questions that encourage a lengthier response. Example: are you going on vacation this year? Where did you go last year? Tell me about your trip. How did you celebrate the holidays?

Research Your Boss
Check out their LinkedIn profile and find commonalities or shared experiences that will start a conversation. Example: How did you get started in the industry? I saw that you support (insert charity/organization), how long you have you been doing that? How did you get involved?

Decide Your Motive BEFOREHAND
Are going to just socialize? (that’s ok) or you going to make power moves? Once you know your mindset going in, it becomes a less stressful occasion and you can focus on your technique.

Network in Your Organization
Use this opportunity to meet new co-workers in the organization. It is tempting to hang with people you know, but by making new connections, you find out about new career options that may exist and now you have a direct contact!

Now the ball is in your court.  Take the tips and use them.

Karen Donaldson