01 Apr 2016

To Speak Well in any setting means: Accepting the Role of “SPEAKER”

I know it sounds cave mannish, however whenever you speak up in front of a group, YOU = Speaker…like it or not.

Unfortunately, most people go into the speaking experience focusing on this:


Sound familiar?

It’s a type of mental resistance that will never serve you in the right way.

Accepting the role of the speaker instead of wanting to quickly end the speaking experience is one of the quickest ways to rid yourself of your Public Speaking Fear and to remove your mental resistance.

Fearful speakers create anxiety for themselves when they don’t embrace the role of Speaker. Instead, they try to be the “Finished Speaker”.

They try to “get through” the experience without committing themselves to the role of Speaker.

They talk fast, they don’t look at the audience the audience, and they focus mainly on being done. The entire time they are focusing on being the “Finished Speaker”.

The result of this mental resistance is, typically, that it gives you more public speaking anxiety, not less – just the opposite of what you want.

Here’s 3 Ways to Help you to Embrace…”Speaker”

1. Change Your Perspective and Self Talk.
If you go around thinking that you “hate” public speaking, you will forever be uncomfortable. The place to start is by thinking something true yet positive: i.e. I can’t wait to share my ideas with people. I know what I have to share will benefit many people. etc

2. Speak From a Genuine Place.
Public speaking becomes much easier when you’re telling the world about a something, someone, some idea, some (you fill in the blank) that you have a deep connection to. Whatever you share, truly identify with why this is compelling to you, or why you believe in it and share from that place.

3. Just Keep Doing It!
The only way to feel more comfortable speaking publicly is to speak. Keep doing it, over and over and over again.

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

If you have something to say or share and you choose to Speak, make the choice to speak and stop living the life of a Finished Speaker.

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Stay Amazing! — Karen Donaldson