05 Feb 2018

Public speaking, especially making a video to share with others, can really be quite daunting. It takes some people months or years to work up the nerve to make their first video.  Here are some tips for overcoming that fear and getting started.

#1 – Don’t Be Scripted
A script may make the video seem forced or unnatural.  Try to have some bullet points to speak on, but don’t write out a full script. For shorter videos don’t share more than 1 point, the idea is to keep it simple for both you and the viewer.

#2 – Remember You Can Always Re-record
The great thing about video is that it’s not permanent. Re-recording new takes or editing your videos really helps to ensure that you’re happy with your completed product.  These tools can be your best friend.

#3 – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
We are normally our own worst critic.  Remember that you don’t have to achieve perfection with each video. Perfection doesn’t even exist. Your intention should always be to share knowledge that has the capacity to help the viewers.

Now, make a few notes on what you want to share, find a space with good lighting and hit record. Start with shorter videos and as you get more comfortable you can start to create longer videos.

If you need help getting started with video, let’s talk, email me at [email protected] and put “Video Time” in the subject line.