Speak Like You Breathe: Straight Talk To Say What You Mean, Be Heard & Get Noticed
Ebook Edition

Speak Like You Breathe: Straight Talk To Say What You Mean, Be Heard & Get Noticed is a practical, to the point, easy read, for anyone who is ready to be heard, get noticed and communicate with ease and more confidence.

This is not your typical public speaking book. This book will disrupt your current perceptions about public speaking altogether, and help you reset what speaking publicly means to you. Here is the reality, speaking is not new to you, you’ve been speaking from just a few days old, you speak everyday of your life. 

You’ve always had an authentic voice, and you were born knowing how to connect with people. My intention, is to show you how to reclaim who you have always been. That one of a kind unique being, with opinions and ideas that are worth more than dollars and cents, with a powerful voice that needs to be heard.

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Maximizing You: Moving from 80 – 100% Audio CD


Leadership, success and achievement begins and ends with you. Discover how simple it can be to move from where you are right now, create sustainable success, stay motivated and become a high performance achiever. BUY NOW!



Change Your “F Word” CD Set



Enough with the overused “F” words!

The only way that you can FAIL, is if you give up! The only way that you can FAIL is if you don’t even try! Your FEARS are not real, the only thing that is real are the 2 F words that have been holding you back from the success you deserve.

This dual cd set will help you to get those non-progressive, self-defeating “F words” out of your head and out of your vocabulary ASAP. It will get you to adopt the only “F” word that ensures the achievement of anything you want – FOCUS.

These audio’s will:

• Help you to acknowledge and own your natural and unique talents and learn how to use it to fuel your success.

• Help you to challenge and conquer your self-limiting habits, thoughts and beliefs and show you how to achieve your “perceived impossible”.


2 Audio’s Only $39.97



We are all leaders in our own right and whether you are leading yourself, a team of 2, 25 or 200 the same principle applies – you have to become the Master Of You, before you help others master themselves.

Strong leaders is what drives an organizations success, knowing exactly how to empower, motivate and build leaders at all levels.

Karen offers simple suggestions, lessons, motivational and inspiring quotes that will help you successfully lead your self and those around you!

Get your easy to read, and extremely useable Ebook Today!

Investment: $19.97



Attention Sufferers Of Public Speaking Fear!

What if You Could…

• Get rid of your public speaking fear and present like a pro

• Eliminate Public Speaking Fear and Speak with more confidence NOW

• Speak with more power and confidence and connect with any audience.

Finally – A Straightforward Way to Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking, easily speak in front of any size audience, and get it done now!

The proven formula for overcoming your fears and becoming that confident and engaging speaker that others admire.

An audio program by Public Speaking Coach Karen Donaldson packed with strategies, tools and tips that you can use immediately!

The reality is this…

Great speakers are not born; there is not a certain gene that you need to have to be a powerful and engaging speaking.

But You Must Want To Be A Better Speaker For This Cd Program To Be Of Any Use To You- It Has To Start From Within.

With PUBLIC SPEAKING DECONSTRUCTED we cover 3 Core Areas, here’s what you’ll experience:

i) You the Speaker

• Combating common public speaking fears: ACKNOWLEDGE, OWN and take ACTION

• The Power of Positive Self talk

• Your role as a speaker

ii) Bringing your audience into your presentation. How to Connect with and Engage any Audience.

• Build rapport with your audience instantly

• Connect with your audience using the 3W’s

• Audience Engagement techniques

iii) Speak with power or Command attention when you speak.

• Language techniques to ensure you are heard

• Projecting your voice

• Creating a strong opening and close

We walk you step by step, through no fluff content and exercises that will have you improving your public speaking skills on a daily basis.

“What I liked best was the engaging examples. The biggest benefit I received from this training session was learning how to slow down when I speak and how to practice positive self talk.” J.Brown, Senior Sales Associate

With Public Speaking Deconstructed, here’s what’s included:

o Three downloadable audio’s ( for those who learn best by listening)

o Transcripts of the entire program (for those who learn best by reading)

o A workbook with content and exercises so you can learn and practice at the same time and see results.


“PUBLIC SPEAKING DECONSTRUCTED Program” – Just $97 for this no fluff results oriented program.