2018 Speaker Showcase

2018 Online Speaker Showcase

Hosted by Karen Donaldson Inc.
April 19th, 2018

Featured Speakers

James Drury

James is a educator/speaker who works with groups and individuals to help them understand the value of knowing more people in order for them to grow personally and professionally. James believes and practices the theory of your can never know enough people on a daily basis.
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Merav Richter

Merav educates and inspires women, artists and entrepreneurs to ignite their personal power and live an ecstatic life. She is a true renaissance woman and role model for “having it all” in the modern world.
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Trudie German

Trudie is in the business of working with busy professionals, helping them to make health and fitness a lifestyle , with realistic strategies they can do on a daily basis to enhance their life and lifestyle. For the employer Trudie aims to support the development of a “healthy workforce” which is directly associated with increased workplace productivity and decreased sick days. Health is Wealth!.
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Rebecca Pine

Rebecca supports individuals in the process of healing the emotional scars of trauma and loss. She shares practical, easy-to-apply tools that can lead to profound inner healing. Rebecca’s “FREE-ACT” system ers a transformative approach to everyday hurdles, drawing upon the pillars of Feel, Regroup, Evaluate, and Empower before Action.
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Vickie Gould

Vickie helps entrepreneurs use story and the Law of Attraction to magnetize their ideal clients and create abundance in their lives. Her expertise in the the areas of storytelling and Law of Attraction makes for a unique combination where audiences leave with a bigger sense of what they’re on earth to do.
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Larry Lall

Larry is a dynamic out of the box thinker and is also known for disrupting the status quo. Larry demonstrates how Alignment and Mindfulness are The Cornerstone of Business and Individual Transformation.
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Karen Donaldson

Karen shows entrepreneurs and business leaders how to easily connect, engage and increase their impact through their communication. As well as, how to use speaking as a tool to quickly build their clientele base, increase their monthly revenue, and, get paid well for sharing their expertise on stage.
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